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Maritime Application

Maritime Application

Maritime Application is one of the focuses of the BlackLight Series.  Our systems are designed and tested in accordance with the international certification guidelines of JARUS.  Our systems use marine grade and sealed components and we provide our customers our specially developed operational procedures for maritime applications, especially fixation of the systems and tools on ship or other moving vehicle.  We have chosen to work exclusively with heavy fuel engines to meet the standard requirement on board.  Needless to say, the ship landing capability would be indispensable.  Most importantly, our engineers have long experience to assist you with ship integration.

BlackLight Ship landing capability

The BlackLight Ship landing system is providing a safe and repeatable procedure for landing a VTOL UAV onboard a ship or other moving vehicle. The system includes some specific mechanical structure solutions, software and abort logic and procedures at sea.

Mechanical design

The design is referenced to common naval building standards.

The BL-Series aircrafts are designed to provide the best mechanical basis for ship deck operations. In addition the matching avionics package has the latest functionality embedded and assuring safe operations on ship decks of all sizes and environmental locations.

  • Highly responsive rotor design for quick and direct movements close to deck.
  • Relative low mass for relative size due to material choices and engineering, providing an aircraft with fast response and precise movements.
  • Unique landing gear design for high impact tolerance to the deck, all BlackLight aircrafts basically has a suspension system that allows for operations at very rough seas.
  • Efficient and quick of aircraft to ship deck upon arrival.
  • Dual Novatel GNSS-GPS receivers with full Beidou B1 level compatibility.
  • Data link with ultra fast communication close to ship, making sure ship IMU data is provided to aircraft with a minimum delay

Locking system

The locking system is central to the launch and landing operation. It provides the safe way of handle the helicopter in the sensitive moments without putting abnormal stress to the mechanics of the helicopter. BlackLight system is able to provide a system that can handle the landing forces both in platform and helicopter without the need for high response mechanical equipment. Special consideration has been taken regarding ice and water drain.

Helicopter pose relative ship deck

The navigation and estimation of the relative orientation between helicopter and landing platform surface is vital to the system. This step measure the pose (position and orientation) of the UAV, respect to the pose of the ship deck. BlackLight use the ships internal IMU or a deck mounted external unit to supply the aircraft with necessary pose of the ship.

Abort logic system

The safety of the abort logic system is critical to support the acceptance of the end user’s community. The abort system is intended as a separate system superior to the control and guidance systems. The abort logic will overlook the possibly outcome of the ongoing landing and eventually require the helicopter to re-approach the ship, to be set in loitering in close vicinity of the ship.. The abort logic system primary role is to provide limits and checkpoints for the safety of the personnel and onboard equipment.

State Estimation system

As any measurement can have a level of noise, creating an error, we have implemented a State Estimator to provide a reliable state estimation for the safe recovery at rough seas. As the system is fully automatic also the take-off and recovery can be done without human interaction.

Operating information

Ground Areas

Takeoff and landing   :    25 cm touch down accuracy

Safety Area                   :    min 6 m x 6 m without obstructions.


The following parameters must not be exceeded for flight operations from the deck of a ship:

Condition                                Takeoff Landing

Pitch:                                              10°        10°

Roll:                                                10°        10°


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