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‘’No hiding from BlackLight’’

In our aspiration to develop the most useful family of unmanned helicopters we worked to create a system that is safe to use, provides highest level of mobility at competitive costs, yet delivers fast and precise information to provide immediate awareness to commanders both at land and in maritime environments.

BlackLight unmanned helicopters all have on-board systems for stabilization and navigation allowing it to perform automatic missions managed by a single operator from the Ground Control Station by way of very easy to operate user interfaces.

All BlackLight aircrafts can be equipped with the ‘’Deckfinder’’ technology from Airbus Defense. Deckfinder is the automatic ship deck landing system based on the principles of Global Navigation Satellite System. A system that provides the valuable extra marginal for safe automatic approach, automatic landing and lock-down to the ship’s deck. All BlackLight helicopters are delivered with engines compatible to use with Aviation Fuel (Jet-A1) and Automobile Diesel also known as heavy fuel.

System 103

The model BL103 unmanned helicopter from BlackLight uses the exciting technology of the ultra-stable coaxial helicopter platform and is able to perform fully autonomous flights from start to landing.
System BL103 »

System 203

A Powerful medium range surveillance system with an ability to keep up with fast moving vessels, providing detailed HD information in real-time.
System BL203 »

System 303

BlackLight has listened to maritime commanders all over the world and now it is here, an affordable ship based surveillance platform with a capability to simultaneously carry EO/IR sensors and a SAR (radar) system.
System BL303 »

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