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System BL203


The model BL203 unmanned helicopter from BlackLight is able to perform fully automatic flights from start to landing. Equipped with the same avionics family as all BlackLight systems it can be operated by the same control stations and support equipment. Due to its rugged and sealed design a 5 hour endurance, and 100km data-link range it is highly suitable for maritime operations from small ships with limited storage and landing deck.  A medium range surveillance system with an ability to keep up with fast moving vessels, providing detailed information in real-time.

Endurance/Payload: 4-5 hours (2 hours on station @100km distance)/Typical 20 kg
Mission radius: 360 km
Service ceiling: 18000 ft
Data-link radius 100km data-link range
Max airspeed: 130 km/h
Fuel: Aviation Fuel (Jet A1) and Automobile Diesel
Propulsion: 30 kW
Rotor diameter: 3.5 m
Airframe length: 3.1 m
Height: 1.0 m
Width: 0.9 m
MTOW: 175 kg
Empty Weight: 85 kg
Rotor system: 3-Bladed
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