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System BL303


BlackLight has listened to maritime commanders all over the world and now it is here, an affordable ship based surveillance platform with a capability to simultaneously carry EO/IR sensors and a SAR (radar) system while covering over 600km all in the same flight….operated by only 2 people!


8 hours (5.5 hours on station @200km distance)/Typical 35kg, a total of 120kg available for fuel and payload
Mission radius: 800 km
Service ceiling: 18000 ft
Data-link radius: 200km data-link range
Max airspeed: 150 km/h
Fuel: Aviation Fuel (Jet A1) and Automobile Diesel
Propulsion: 52 kW
Rotor diameter: 4.0 m
Airframe length: 4.3 m
Height: 1.2 m
Width: 1.0 m
MTOW: 240 kg
Empty Weight 120 kg
Rotor system: 2 blade – ridged – Flybarless
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