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The Company

BlackLight (Xi’An) Aircraft Co Limited (“BlackLight”) established in 2014. The BlackLight team has through years of close work with potential end-users and researchers worldwide designed a family of VTOL RPAS systems that will fulfill requirements for current and coming tasks. Early on we recognized that trying to fulfill all these possible tasks with just one type of system would simply be too much of a compromise.

BlackLight team includes end-users, experienced system engineers, helicopter design experts, mechanical engineers, avionics and engine partners coming from all over the world. The family of VTOL UAV systems is designed and built under the supervision of our experts who have proven expertise in the UAV industry for over 20 years.

BlackLight is located in the Xi’an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base of China occupying about 23500 m2 and with its own production facility including machining department, electronic assembly department, system assembly line, composite department, spare parts storage, maintenance & training facilities, ground tests and flight tests area. BlackLight also has its own research & development centre in Europe.

There are seven major departments in BlackLight including R & D and Technology Department, Production Department, Quality Management / Certification Department, Business Department, Purchasing Department, Public Relations and After Sales Service Department. Together with our Research & Development Center in Europe, BlackLight is committed to providing customers with full support from offering technical solutions to after-sales service.

BlackLight is a Community Founding Sponsor of the RPAS Regulations ( – the Guide to Rules & Regulations Relative to the Operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

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